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Thursday 31 March 2011

Candida Can Be Fun

Here at Proventus, we think it’s great when we see someone doing something not only for themselves but for others too.  That’s why we love this new book, written & self published by Rebecca Richardson, who is a Candida sufferer. 
 "Candida Can Be Fun" is a specially tailored survival guide just for you.  This book is a frank and honest acco unt of what it is like to live with Candida from a sufferer's perspective.  This unique A4 colour paperback contains 148 pages of helpful information and advice.  Written with humour, it tells you how to get started, what to expect from this extremely restricted diet and offer brand products that are safe for "Yeasties" and food intolerants to eat, as well as where to source them.  More importantly, it contains 100 fully colour illustrated savoury recipes to keep you well fed, so that you can actually see what you can eat.  The meals are simple, nutritious and easy to make.  The recipes are free from wheat, dairy, gluten, sugar, fruit, alcohol, yeast, caffeine. nuts and fermented products.
This book concentrates on what you are going through - it will help you prepare your kitchen for your new diet and offer you suggestions on what you can do to make the changes a little easier.  We strongly recommend you read the introduction to the book before embarking on the recipes.  It is good to understand the whole process, rather than just getting straight on with the meals.  It is not just about the food, it is about your body as a whole.  You have to approach the ailment holistically: mentally, physically and emotionally.

With the Government’s continuation of the Department of Health’s “Change4Life” programme and it’s campaign to encourage the people of Britain to lead healthier lives, this food plan is suitable for everyone, but especially those with certain diet restrictions and food intolerances.  These recipes are ideal for diabetics, coeliacs, and ME sufferers and can also help people who experience migraines, recurrent digestive disorders, thrush/cystitis and a compromised immune system, or can just simply be beneficial for the diet conscious.
To purchase a copy of “Candida Can Be Fun” please visit  The contents of this book have been approved by Katherine Dempsey ITEC, Dip D-T RGG, AoR, Qualified Nutritionist and Reflexologist.

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